Why Us

Introduction to Niger from the team at NTT

Niger is everything you ever wanted in Africa. The package promised by the likes of tourist-trodden veterans like Egypt and Morocco, peddled by the postcards and the movies…the romance and adventure alluded by the vistas of safari-saturated Tanzania and South Africa…but ever-elusive to African tourism today. Niger is s real hard place to get to.. there’s no doubt in saying that and no sense in pretending otherwise, and few come. But if you can get here, it is the most absurdly romantic place left, the most frozen in time and unchanged in its way of life for thousands of years. Niger hosts tribes and culture and desert vistas straight out of every child and grown-ups fantasy. Hospitable and colorful people, camel caravans braving the bleakest and most sublime and silent reaches of the desert, verdant oases set against black-rock mountains darker and more menacing then the peaks of Mordor. Festivals of African Beauty, and the most dignified and decorated set of Africans you’ll find around the continent. This is where your African Dream lies.

NTT is the biggest and most comprehensive tour operator in the country. Our catalog and team takes in the whole range that Niger has to offer, not just the animal-packed National Parks and the desert-winding serpentine river…but the cultures and features of the creeping Sahel, where life is hard and nature is harsher, and the sublime spectacular Sahara, where humans prove their fortitude and determination for survival in the persistence of desert tribes and of timeless and proud ways of life…even of whole cities…over millennia. Come to the furthest edge of your known world, and the farthest away from home you’ll ever feel.