We provide real, guided, safe, insured, comfortable, and amazing Africa holidays in Niger. From voyaging on the Niger River, to Sahara tours in Agadez, Arlit and the Ténéré Desert and Air Mountains, to Lake Chad and the frontiers of the Sahel, & to spectacular and original Niger Safaris. Travel to Niger and see animals, tribes, lost kingdoms, and ancient culture. This is real and exhilarating Africa, and its most remote reaches and beautiful alien landscapes. Come see it all safely and affordably with Niger Travel and Tours.

Niger Operator

Our guides come from a family who have been working in tourism for 3 generations now, with an in-house fleet of vehicles, years of experience and exploration in the deepest reaches of the desert, and a knowledge of everything in Niger from new Dinosaur Bone sites to the Toureg Culture and Jewelry. Want licensed, registered guides and operators, who deliver the best, most comprehensive catalog of tours in the country – Safely AND affordably?

See us at our office – BP 12665, Niamey, Between the National Assembly and Municipal Stadium, Niger. (Write us to make an appointment) – Contact Us

“Need to get away from it All?”


Welcome to the most remote, most beautiful deserts in the world. With locals never jaded by the tourist hordes of Egypt and Morocco…with National Parks and all the Big 5 animals at prices far below Kenya and Tanzania…and with some of the most fascinating, charismatic, and mysterious people in Africa and on earth.

Welcome to the graveyard of a million dinosaur bones, to the most romantic river ride in Africa, and to one of the last frontiers of tourism in the world. Welcome to the land of colorful cultural festivals, of rugged Taureg spirit, and to the heart of the Sahara. To its most beautiful, and oldest, soul.

Welcome to Niger.